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ShortcutTech Icon
apple iconApple Icon
bsd daemonBSD Daemon
bsd daemon rightBSD Daemon
cactus (right)Cactus
caml iconCaml Icon   Wer nicht funktional programmiert, programmiert disfunktional.
ccc logo (rechts)Chaosknoten
chimera iconChimera Icon
diskette (rechts)Diskette
dukeDuke, das Java-Maskottchen
icab banneriCab Banner
icab iconIcab Icon
ical icon (right) iCal Icon
ie iconInternet Explorer Icon
mozilla iconMozilla Icon
mupad iconMuPAD Icon
mysql logoMySQL Logo
omniweb iconOmniweb Icon
pdfPDF Icon
perl iconPerl Icon   There's always more than one way to do it!
permalinkPermalink Icon
php logoPHP Logo
pygame logoPyGame Logo
python bannerPython Banner
python icon 2 (right)Python, Photo: Gabi Kantel
python icon rightPython Icon
python poweredPython Logo
qtQuickTime Logo
radio retro (right)Radio Userland
real player neededReal Player Icon
realbasic iconREALbasic Icon
rss30 iconRSS 3.0 Logo
script differentPython Icon   Script different!
soupSoup Can
tcl iconTcl Icon
top 5Apple Logo   Only 5% of all Computer Users have a Macintosh. The Top Five.
xfree icon (right)Xfree Icon
xml coffee mug iconXML Coffe Mug
xml iconXML Icon
zope iconZope Icon

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