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Daily Link Icon Mittwoch, den 30. August 2006
Ray Tracing Goes Mainstream

Intel 2005: »We present an introduction (PDF Icon, 260 KB) to the rendering technique known as »ray tracing.« We propose that its performance has reached the stage where it is feasible that it will take over from raster graphics in the near future for interactive gaming and other application domains. We investigate various aspects of ray tracing and compare and contrast them with the raster equivalent. Finally, we analyze ray tracing’s platform requirements and scalability potential.« [ simple plainness]


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Daily Link Icon Donnerstag, den 17. August 2006
Java und 3D-Graphik

Book Cover Ich nehme an, JOGL (Icon Icon Icon) steht für »Java OpenGL« und irgendwie klingt der Klappentext interessant: »This new reference text offers a shortcut to graphics theory and programming using JOGL, a new vehicle of 3D graphics programming in Java. It covers all graphics basics and several advanced topics, without including some implementation details that are not necessary in graphics applications. It also covers some basic concepts in Java programming for C/C++ programmers. The book is designed as quick manual for scientists and engineers who understand Java programming to learn 3D graphics, and serves as a concise 3D graphics textbook for students who know programming basics already.« Foundations of 3D Graphics Programming sieht mal wieder nach einem »Haben wollen!« aus. Grins [Springer Informatik Produkte]


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Daily Link Icon Freitag, den 11. August 2006

Ein paar Links zu VRML...

bei Hugo gefunden. [Hugos House of Weblog Horror]


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