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Daily Link Icon Donnerstag, 10. Oktober 2002

[Und noch mehr Java]: Sven Van Caekenberghe: Tuning Java Swing Applications for Mac OS X. [Hack the Planet]

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[Mehr Java]: Teaching Java the Extreme Way. In his second article on extreme teaching of object-oriented programming, Daniel Steinberg offers a new first program for students and a test-first approach to programming and learning. [O'Reilly Network Articles]

Duke, das Java-Maskottchen

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[Multikulti mit Java]: Self-Playing Media with Java Media Framework. The Java Media Framework may not impress you as a media player client, but when you realize that you can deploy content without requiring a specific player on the user's machine, and that you can bundle the player and the media in a single download, it starts to look very interesting. [O'Reilly Network Articles]

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Neuköllner Balkone

Neuköllner Balkon, Photo: Gabi Kantel, 2002

[Gelber Sonnenschirm und Plastikblumen, Photo: Gabi]

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[iStorm, die kollaborative Denkmaschine]. iStorm is »the world's most innovative collaboration tool, that lets users work, talk, and think together. With iStorm, a user can open up a document, and immediately start brainstorming it with other collaborators over a network.« Das 20-Dollar-Tool setzt auf Apples Rendevous-Technik auf, hat Chat- und Texteditierfähigkeiten und demnächst auch ein netzfähiges »Blackboard«. [Industrial Technology & Witchcraft]

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Lego Site Lego bis zum Abwinken: Eric Harshbarger's LEGO® website. [Boing Boing Blog]

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Post It [Notiz an mich]: Unbedingt lesen! The Adaptive Resonance Theory (ART) clearinghouse. [Sender Traumwind]

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[Stoppt Spam]: A Plan for Spam (Bayesian in Perl), Spam Detection (expanding upon Grahams article) und Various bits of software: SpamOracle (Bayesian filter in O'Caml). [Sender Traumwind]

Und wir wollen nicht vergessen, die Spambots zu füttern: [Macro error: Can't call the script because the name "fakeMail" hasn't been defined.] .

Stoppt Spam Button

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[Watching me — watching you]: Organica crawls weblogs and »makes statistics on what's popular right now, related sites, who links to who, which tools are being used, webservers being used for weblogs and so on.« [Scripting News]

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Chinesisches Propagandaposter

Das hatte ich zwar - glaube ich - schon einmal, aber im Fernsehen und im Schockwellenreiter wird eben alles wiederholt: Ein umfassendes Archiv an Chinesischen Propagandapostern gibt es bei Stefan Landsberger's Chinese Propaganda Poster Pages. [monoklon.de]

8:15:28 AM | Perma Link Icon | Forum

[AppleScript Tutorial]: Reading and Parsing Tab-delimited Text Files. - »Parsing the tried-and-true tab-delimited text file with AppleScript is very easy and creates lists of lists that are pretty easy to access. Using tab-delimited files is important because it is such a common data exchange format. Spreadsheets, contact databases, HTML tables, other database and many other applications export their data as tab-delimited text files.« Ausdrucken! [AppleScript Info]

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[Spaß mit Zoe]: Auch Mark hat Spaß mit Zoe, mehr und mehr. [On The Mark]

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[AppleScript]: Script Debugger 3.0.5 released. - This free update corrects compatibility problems with Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) that have come to light since the previous Script Debugger 3.0.4 update. See the release notes for a full list of changes. [AppleScript Info]

7:55:33 AM | Perma Link Icon | Forum

Python Cookbook Book Cover [Book Review]: The Python Cookbook. »I can recommend the Python Cookbook wholeheartedly to anyone who has passed into the advanced stage of language learning and is willing to actually sit down and work through the code. Anybody who is looking for a deeper understanding of Python, solutions to common coding problems, or starting points for their own projects will also profit.« [Slashdot]

Very Cool!   Deckt sich völlig mit meiner Einschätzung dieses wundervollen Buches.

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[Noch mehr dot.comisches]: Fachverlage setzen auf bezahlte Inhalte im Web. [heise online news]

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Mail Scripts 1.2.2 »is a collection of AppleScripts for Mail and Address Book offering additional features or simplified workflow.« [AppleScript Info]

7:44:03 AM | Perma Link Icon | Forum

[Die Antifa bittet um Ihre Mithilfe]: Nach den neuen Plakataktionen der Berliner Polizei im Zusammenhang mit den Maikrawallen dreht die linke Szene den Spieß nun um. Telepolis: Antifa fahndet nach »gewalttätigen« Polizisten.

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No Amazon! [Save Privacy]: US-Bürgerrechtler protestieren gegen Amazon.com. [heise online news]

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Endlich mal kein Micro$oft-Sch#!§§: Trojanisches Pferd in Source-Code-Distribution von sendmail. [heise online news]

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[dot.comisches]: T-Online will Wirkung von Werbung im Internet herausfinden. [heise online news]

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[Alles vom Python Guru]: Publications of David Mertz. »A version of this page with essentially the same markup was written back in the days when folks like me were complaining about the new-fangled features of HTML 2.0, and about the associated erosion of markup for structural/semantic meaning into markup for visual appearance. I think the page holds up pretty well after eight years (even visually). In fact, I will make the very small changes necessary to make this compliant XHTML, and give it another decade of life.«

Dort gibt es auch immer die aktuelle beta-Version seines Buches Text Processing in Python zum Lesen und/oder Download. [Sender Traumwind]

Python Icon   Script different!

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