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Daily Link Icon Mittwoch, 25. September 2002

Tonite's Song: Raus mit den Männern aus dem Reichstag. (Ungefähr bis zur Mitte scrollen und leider ganz furchtbarer PopUp-Alarm!) [Der Zirbel]

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Ist Guido Westerwelle ein Schlapphut?

Guidomobil auf dem Gelände des BKA, Photo: Gabi Kantel, 25.09.2002

Oder handelte er mit Waffen oder Drogen und das Tatfahrzeug wurde beschlagnahmt? Oder was sonst sucht das Guidomobil auf dem Gelände des BKA in Berlin-Treptow? [Photos und Links: Gabi]

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»Fang immer bei den alten Römern an und gib stets, wovon du auch sprichst, die geschichtlichen Hintergründe der Sache.«
Kurt Tucholsky: Ratschläge für einen schlechten Redner

Die heute früh erwähnte Selbstauskunft von Malorama gehört zu einer Reihe von Weblogartikeln, die in den Texten zur Wirtschaft veröffentlicht wurden: Blogging und die neue Medienkultur des Netzes. Neben Stephans Beitrag schreibt Der Zirbel über sammeln - erzählen - sich zeigen und Peter Praschl über Ein Weblog schreiben. Der Einführungstext ist von Christian Eigner: Wenn Medien zu oszillieren beginnen: (Dann macht es) BLOG! . Holger Schulze fragt, ob er / schon am limit? sei und Martin Röll: Wie entsteht ein Weblog?

Tja, und ich fange bei den alten Römern an und betreibe eine Archäologie des Bloggens. Und hoffe, daß diese Beiträge in ihrer Gesamtheit dem »Phänomen Bloggen« gerechter werden als das, was bisher über Bloggen und Blogger geschrieben wurde.

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Soup Can [SOAP]: Web Services with AppleScript and Perl. You can't create a SOAP Web service with AppleScript, but you can have it act as a SOAP Web client and use Perl to create the service. So it becomes a simple matter of passing structured data between Perl and AppleScript. Randal Schwartz explains how to enable Web services with these two scripting languages. [O'Reilly Network Policy DevCenter]

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[P2P]: Internet Radio the P2P Way. Howard Wen reviews PeerCast and Streamer, two programs that without the need for a dedicated server, let you stream audio files to other users on a P2P network. Get ready to run your own Internet radio station. [O'Reilly Network Policy DevCenter]

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[Switch II]: Utilities for Switching on the Cheap. Once you've migrated to Mac OS X, you'll probably find that you're missing a few of those handy utilities that make life so much easier. Here's a quick switcher's survival guide for Web producers and other online specialists. [O'Reilly Network Policy DevCenter]

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Post It [Notiz an mich!] Ich halte das Mozilla-Toolkit für eine ziemlich spannende Angelegenheit. Muß dringend selber mal damit rumspielen: Roll Your Own Browser. Here's a look at using the Mozilla toolkit to customize, or even create your own browser. Ausdrucken! [O'Reilly Network Policy DevCenter]

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[Totgesagte leben länger]: SuperCard 4.0b14 authoring tool for Mac OS X. [The Macintosh News Network]

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[Weblog-Artikel]: Maloramas Selbstauskunft. Schön... [ronsens]

8:47:53 AM | Perma Link Icon | Forum

[Wissenschaftsgeschichte]: Klassiker der Biologiegeschichte gibt es online bei Kurt Stüber. [ronsens]

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[Barbie-Link]: Ist Barbie das nächste Bond-Girl Fragezeichen Wäre eigentlich konsequent. [Boing Boing Blog]

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Nigeria Connection [Auch andere haben Spaß mit der Nigeria-Connection]: A new addition to the parodical genre of 419 (»Nigerian Money Laundry Scam«) letters from members of the Shrub establishment, following up on Cheney's letter.

I am the widow of the late President George W. Bush of the United States of America. I am writing you this letter in confidence regarding my current circumstances.

I escaped the United States ahead of death squads with my husband and two children Jenna and Frank, moving first to England and then, when my husband's political enemies took power there, to Austria. All of our wealth, obtained legitimately through baseball, oil drilling and insider trading, was seized by the new government of the USA under the despotic regime of (Dr.) Noam Chomsky, except for the contents of a few Swiss bank accounts. These bank accounts, which contain social security lock-box funds and the bulk of the 2001 budget surplus, could not be accessed by me or my children, due to agreements made between the socialist government of the USA and Swiss bank regulators. They seized our ranch in Crawford, Texas and now use it to teach homosexualist propaganda to schoolchildren.

[Boing Boing Blog]

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[Boyz need Toyz ///]: Palm Desktop for HandSpring. [Mac Net Journal]

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[OPML Support Coming to OmniOutliner Soon]. Rob McNair-Huff: Writing on the OmniOutliner mailing list, Brian C. at The Omni Group says: »OPML import and export support is forthcoming. We'll need you guys to give it a look-see when we release 2.1.1 beta 1.« (Read more) [s l a m]

Very Cool!   Darauf warte ich schon lange...

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[Testen]: AppleScript addition adds email functions. [The Macintosh News Network]

8:22:45 AM | Perma Link Icon | Forum

[Vintage Programming Languages]: FutureBasic R7 offers Mac IDE for BASIC. [The Macintosh News Network]

8:21:38 AM | Perma Link Icon | Forum

Here comes Hubzilla!

Hubzilla, the world's coolest hub.

[Boyz need Toyz II]: Ich brauche mehr FireWire-Geräte um mir endlich dieses coole 4-Port-FireWire-Hub kaufen zu müssen. [ole's weblog]

8:20:01 AM | Perma Link Icon | Forum

[Heute schon geTickelt?] Tcl und andere Sprachen. Purpose: links to pages that compare, connect, or sometimes partially reimplement other programming languages to(in) Tcl. [Lambda the Ultimate]

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[Book Review]: Professional PHP4 XML. »Looking across the XML bookshelf today, it's easy to see many books discussing XML in a generic manner, or more commonly how to utilize XML within Java, .NET and Perl. Moreover, despite the broad based support that PHP has for XML, there has been no book that tackled the complexities and best practices, and at the same time offered a comprehensive resource to the XML-based APIs -- at least not until now. Read on for more about the best selling Professional PHP4 XML.« [PHP Everywhere]

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[Stoppt Spam]: Watchdog gets tough on text spam. Pack it in. [The Register]

Yaeh, pack it in: [Macro error: Can't call the script because the name "fakeMail" hasn't been defined.] .

Stoppt Spam Button

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[Switch]. Byte.com: Flirting with Mac OS X. “UNIX is for servers, Windows is for desktops. Right? No, wrong. Turns out nowadays you don’t need to use that ugly W word to have a decent desktop and office environment. Enter Mac OS X.” [ranchero.com]

Apple Logo   Only 5% of all Computer Users have a Macintosh. The Top Five.

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A Duke Ellington Panorama

The Duke

Alles, was Ihr über den Herzog des Jazz wissen wolltet, aber nie zu fragen wagtet. Und mehr... [Craig's BookNotes]

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Skycar [Boyz need Toyz]: Vergeßt das Batmobil, hier kommt Skycar, das fliegende Auto. »You've always known it was just a matter of time before the world demanded some kind of flying machine which would replace the automobile. Of course, this machine would have to be capable of VTOL, be easy to maintain, cost effective and reliable. Well, we at Moller International believe we have come up with the solution. That solution is the volantor named M400 Skycar.« [Boing Boing Blog]

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[Wuff! Wuff!]: Von Neumann's Best Friend und andere Roboterhunde sind kein Ersatz für Zebu... [Boing Boing Blog]

Zebu Icon ...meint Zebu

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[Heute schon geTeXt?]: OzTeX 5.1b2 ist draußen. Download (1.1 MB SIT archive). [News from Marek Behr]

7:34:45 AM | Perma Link Icon | Forum

MacASP 1.0 »is a cgi that provides server side processing to Macintosh web servers. It includes a simple and easy-to-learn scripting language, similar to Basic, and OSA support (AppleScript).« (Release notes for dev releases.) [AppleScript Info]

7:32:15 AM | Perma Link Icon | Forum

[Smile]: Patch available for Smile 2.4.6 (OS X). »When using Smile version 2.4.6 for OS X, when you edit and save a stay-open applet, the newly saved applet is still an applet, but it is no longer stay-open. The next version of Smile will fix this bug but a patch is available for those who can't wait.« (Download) [AppleScript Info]

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Post It [Mathematik]: Die neue Technical Software Newsletter (PDF Icon, 360 KB) für Mathematica 4.2.

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