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Daily Link Icon Dienstag, 30. April 2002

[Kaffeelink]: Länglicher Text über das Problem, in New York einen guten Kaffee zu bekommen. [Konstantin per Email.]

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Der Happy-Virus etwa zeigt beim Aufruf zunächst nur ein Feuerwerk mit Glückwünschen an...


Es ist soweit! Heute heiratet die Hebamme, der Freund und der ehemalige Kollege des Schockwellenreiters, das Script-Genie und der Macher von Sing Blue Silver. Allerschärfste Glückwünsche von Gabi und mir an Melany und Sean.


Das Ganze noch einmal hexadezimal:

4C 69 65 62 65 20 4A 61 6E 65 2C 69 65 62
65 72 20 53 61 73 63 68 61 0D 0A 61 6C 65 73
20 47 75 74 65 20 7A 75 20 65 75 72 65 72 20 48
6F 63 68 7A 65 69 74 2E 0D 0A


Und wer heute mittag um 12:00 Uhr beim Standesamt dabeisein möchte, der vergesse die Reisschleuder nicht, den Reis kann auch anders geworfen werden. (Tip: Vor dem Werfen von Reis den Kochbeutel entfernen!)

Geht es auch online Fragezeichen

Hochzeitsphoto Gabi & Jörg Und allen, die von unserem Hochzeitscountdown auf die falsche Fährte gelockt wurden, sei gesagt: Gabi und der Schockwellenreiter haben als echte Revolutionäre am 200. Jahrestag der französischen Revolution geheiratet. Das ist jetzt beinahe 13 Jahre her. Hier das offizielle Beweisphoto.

[Idee und Links: Gabi]

8:12:47 AM | Perma Link Icon | Forum

Alles für Cash - Alles wird Flash. [heise online news]

7:57:47 AM | Perma Link Icon | Forum

Frontier Contextual Menu Plugin now Open Source. The source code to the Frontier/Radio contextual menu plugin for OS X is now available. It’s released under the BSD license. [ranchero.com]

7:54:23 AM | Perma Link Icon | Forum

Ease - Evolutionary Algorithms Scripting Environment. »Ease - Evolutionary Algorithms Scripting Evironment - is an extension to the Tcl scripting language, providing commands to create, modify, and evaluate populations of individuals represented by real number vectors and/or bit strings.« [Lambda the Ultimate]

Very Cool!   It's cool, man!

7:51:31 AM | Perma Link Icon | Forum

Radio Mug Radio Poster v1.1. - Well heck, it doesn't have an AppleScript dictionary but one can always hope! Radio Poster is a REALbasic application which posts messages to a Radio UserLand weblog. Feature request: Make it scriptable.   Smile [AppleScript Info]

7:49:13 AM | Perma Link Icon | Forum

Seth Dillingham: Optimal String Concatenation in UserTalk. “UserTalk scripts often need to build large strings from smaller strings, such as assembling a web page or an RSS feed in Conversant, Manila, or even the old static site engine. In order to optimize this process as much as possible, there are two things the scripter needs to remember: ‘Avoid copying large strings whenever possible,’ and ‘trigger the secret in-place append.’” [ranchero.com]


7:44:05 AM | Perma Link Icon | Forum

PHP Beginner: Redirection using PHP. “Have you ever seen a webpage that, instead of loading you the information you expect, takes you ‘magically’ elsewhere? I’m sure you have. Well, that ‘magic’ is actually called redirection. Similar to those implemented in HTML but server-side, and in our case using (what else?) PHP. This article will briefly teach you its implementation.” [ranchero.com]

7:41:19 AM | Perma Link Icon | Forum

Brock Brandenberg: The Missing Cocoa Docs. “The Missing Cocoa Docs are intended to help you implement certain basic functionality and to teach you how to implement some of the more unique technologies like OS X’s superb glyph and type handling. For example, they won’t teach using NSViews because there are plenty of tutorials on NSViews and drawRect: methods, but there is little on NSLayoutManagers and accessing font outlines, a technique that is needed for more sophisticated graphics apps.” [ranchero.com]

Apple Icon

7:39:58 AM | Perma Link Icon | Forum

Scott Johnson has started to render OPML with PHP. [owrede_log]

7:38:05 AM | Perma Link Icon | Forum

Dynamic Images in PHP - How and When to Use Them (PDF, 2,5 MB). [PHP Everywhere]

7:36:29 AM | Perma Link Icon | Forum

Zielhilfe [Abwaschbar. Wasserfest.Genial.] Die beleuchtete Zielscheibe für den Stehpinkler. [bOing bOing]

7:31:13 AM | Perma Link Icon | Forum

Ostern war doch schon, oder? Bei Andrea gibt's trotzdem Häschen. [gig:antville - best before today]

7:25:53 AM | Perma Link Icon | Forum

Jacob Nielsen Jakob Nielsen: Why Usability is Lower for Seniors. »Websites tend to be produced by young designers, who often assume that all users have perfect vision and motor control, and know everything about the Web. These assumptions rarely hold, even when the users are not seniors. However, as indicated by our usability metrics, seniors are hurt more by usability problems than younger users. Among the obvious physical attributes often affected by the human aging process are eyesight, precision of movement, and memory.« [PHP Everywhere]

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