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Daily Link Icon Freitag, 22. Februar 2002

...aus meiner Email: JaneBUILDER 1.5.2 (Mac) ships, you can download it here (2,5 MB).

9:16:43 PM | Perma Link Icon | Forum

Es gibt eine deutsche Site zu XML-RPC: xml-rpc.de.

8:44:09 PM | Perma Link Icon | Forum

Coffee Cup ...die Nachricht des Tages kommt aus Brasilien: Café para mosquitos.

9:04:42 AM | Perma Link Icon | Forum

...bei Chris gab's wieder Bücher online:

Smalltalk-72 Instruction Manual (PDF, 5.8 MB).

The Early History of Smalltalk (PDF, 3,7 MB).

8:37:49 AM | Perma Link Icon | Forum

...und zum Schluß bei O'Reilly vorbeigeschaut:

[SOAP Encodings, WSDL, and XML Schema Types]: In this month's XML Endpoints column, the fine points of WSDL, XML messages, SOAP Encodings, and XML Schema Types are discussed. [XML.com]

[XML 2.0 -- Can We Get There From Here?] Tim Bray recently made the first substantive proposal for an XML 2.0. Kendall Clark examines Bray's "skunkworks" project, and also the political issues that will inevitably dog the development of XML 2.0. [XML.com]

XML Icon

8:25:19 AM | Perma Link Icon | Forum

...dann die Daily Python URL geplündert:

  • PyTheater. »A media player for Linux capable of playing MPEG video and audio files, network streams, and VCDs, as well as AVI and ASF files. It accompishes this through the use of libaviplay and smpeg.»
  • tdmagic. »tdmagic is a multi-platform, multi-language, multi-format library for scripted procedural modeling and animation. Now available is the initial release of tdmagic / truespace for Python.«
  • OOPS, an object-oriented persistent storage for Python. »OOPS is a persistent storage mechanism that was designed to be as easy to learn as Python itself, to have an intuitive interface, to be conservative in memory and processor usage, and to be as simple as possible without sacrificing scalability. It makes use of some of the new features of Python 2.2.«
  • ACS templating in Python. »AHTS (An HTML Templating System) is a Python implementation of the ACS templating system invented by Ars Digita.«

Python Icon   Script different!

8:15:41 AM | Perma Link Icon | Forum

Status-Q hat die Radio-Kommentarfunktion gleich aufgebohrt: »A bit more hacking, and the comments are now handled on my server by a PHP script and stored in a MySQL database. Congrats to Userland for coming up with such a simple scheme.« Key point, the way we do comments in Radio does not require you use Manila on the back end. [Scripting News]

8:03:40 AM | Perma Link Icon | Forum

[Datenbanken für den Mac]: Valentine 1.8.10 adds robust OS X support. [MacNN]

8:01:08 AM | Perma Link Icon | Forum

The Boy is Back in Town

Radio Mug [Erst einmal Scripting News nach zwischenzeitlich angefallenen Nachrichten zu Radio UserLand durchforsten]:

Michael Himsolt schickt auf einem Mac mit OS 9 seine News via XML-RPC von BBEdit aus nach Radio UserLand.

Nicholas Riley has a Mac OS X script that adds the Radio menu to his Dock. Wow. Nice. And he uses one of the neatest tricks from 1997 to get you the software.

Simon Fell has a new Radio tool that keeps you updated on Weblogs.Com without having to go there.

Russ Lipton, a man with a big heart and big vision, wrote a fantastic Radio 8 installation guide for not technically sophisticated folk.

Adam: »You can run webservices in TextEdit on OS X!«

Andy Sylvester updates his Radio UserLand directory.

A dispassionate tutorial on CSS from Apple. Ausdrucken!

Shifted Librarian: How to use YACCS with Radio. (YACCS ist eine freie Foren-Software.)

[Und die wichtigste Nachricht zum Schluß]. Dave Winer: »The much anticipated Comments feature for Radio 8 rolled out last night. BTW, any Manila site can host comments. So if you run a Manila site, you can have a community of Radio 8 bloggers flowing comments through your DG. You just have to turn the feature on Funktioniert mit einer Manila-Site. Bleibt daher abzuwarten, wie sich das geschwindigkeitsmäßig entwickelt. Werde das aber auf jeden Fall testen und berichten...

7:42:20 AM | Perma Link Icon | Forum

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