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Daily Link Icon Mittwoch, 13. Februar 2002

Das Max-Planck-Institut für Mathematik in Bonn veranstaltet am 2. März von 10 - 17 Uhr einen Tag der offenen Tür mit einem interessanten Programm. Das wäre doch etwas für Andrea.

So kommt man hin.

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[Technikgeschichte]: The Museum of RetroTechnology [malorama]

8:25:22 AM | Perma Link Icon | Forum


[Wissenschaftsgeschichte]: El 'Max Planck' potencia en las Islas el estudio de la historia de la ciencia - La Fundación Canaria Orotava de Historia de la Ciencia y el Instituto Max Planck para la Historia de la Ciencia de Berlín firmaron ayer un convenio para la puesta en marcha del Proyecto Humboldt.

Very Cool!   Hoffentlich machen die dort ein fettes Computerprojekt, damit ich auch einmal nach Teneriffa komme...

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Valid HTML 4.01 Icon [Quote of the Day]: »I changed the homepage template a bit to make it validate. I'm still using tables for layout though. It's not that I think it's not possible, but this way I don't need any browser specific hacks. And also I don't think it's worth the trouble. Changing the buttons from table cells to divs don't suddenly make them more meaningful. If you want semantic data, use my rss file; I try to make the HTML in my posts as valid as possible.« [Sjoerd Visscher's weblog - w3future.com]

Mein Reden! Aber auf mich hört ja keiner.

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Python Icon [Python Z Object Database released] »I'm pleased to announce the release of StandaloneZODB, the Python object persistency system also known as the Z Object Database. ZODB is the object-oriented database underlying Zope; the StandaloneZODB project's goal is to provide those same facilities to non-Zope related Python applications.« [Sender Traumwind]

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Weblog Accessibility. Andy J. Williams Affleck fordert die Einhaltung von Accessibility Standards auch für Weblogs. [cognitiveArchitects News]

8:12:23 AM | Perma Link Icon | Forum

Habe heute früh beim ersten Becher Kaffee meine Email aufgeräumt...

Smile   Und den Smiley bekam ich von Nicole gewidmet. Danke!

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[Frühling]: Auch Schorsch war auf der Suche nach dem Frühling, dabei stand er schon vor seiner Tür.

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[1. Weltweiter Poetryfilm Award]: Eingebettet in das renommierte internationale Festival »Berliner Sommerfest der Literaturen« wird erstmals der Poetryfilm Award ZEBRA ausgeschrieben.

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Sestante tascabile [Technikgeschichte]. Istituto Tecnico per Geometri »L.Nottolini« - Lucca: Collezione Storica Strumenti Scientifici e di Topografia in possesso dell'Istituto.

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Elias Levy: The Blind Leading the Blind. If security software vendors can't write secure code, what chance does anyone else have? Sehr guter Artikel, meinte Kommissar Nina.

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[Gartenlink]: Die Gartenimpressionen sind jetzt unter www.gartenspaziergang.de zu erreichen. Please bookmark your changes.

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Radio Mug [How to use rules with current internalLink value]: If you use Radio Userlands outliner and pikeRenderer to edit your Manila weblog, you probably use the internalLink feature of pikeRenderer. Many people don't because it requires to manually edit the correct permanent link to the archived page. I added a How-To that describes how this can be done automatically. [owrede_log]

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[Scriptmeridian.org]: Seth Dillingham is working on the ressurection of the Scriptmeridian community site. Staying tuned... [owrede_log]

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[Radio Services]: Bill Bumgarner has been doing some kickass stuff for Radio on Mac OS X. »Now I can post to Radio from any application that has Services. I can take advantage of the spell/grammar checker in Word. Use Project Builder's code formatter. Edit Tables and other HTML markup via WebObjects Builder. Easily post the output of a command in the terminal.« [Scripting News]

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Haben wollen oder nicht haben wollen?

Google Appliance

Das ist hier die Frage... [Sender Traumwind]

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[SVG - Open for Business]. »Scalable Vector Graphics are the prime technology for presentations and business charts. Pie charts, bar graphs, animated or static, values manipulated by the user or static, SVG can do all. And what is missing, added CSS and JavaScript will do. In this introduction we'll generate a bar chart with text, shadows, and some simple animation. [PHP Everywhere]

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