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Permanent link to archive for 01/09/13. Donnerstag, 13. September 2001

Lest den Rollberg!

Bin noch immer weit entfernt von »Business as Usual«. Momentan ist der Schockwellenreiter einfach nur mein Notizbuch. Nachrichten gibt es -- wie immer und dank der Hilfe von Peter -- im Rollberg.

9:15:44 AM | Forum

Künstliche Ameisen - Künstliches Leben. Interessante Seminararbeit.

9:08:55 AM | Forum

KerLone hat die Notseiten der Nachrichtendienste ins Web gestellt.

9:07:49 AM | Forum

ActionScript Book Cover [Quote of the Day before Yesterday]: Momentan sieht die mobile Entwicklungszukunft wohl so aus: So weit es geht mit Flash (sozusagen als Ersatz-HyperCard), alles weitere mit Java. [langreiter.com] Sieht so aus, als ob ich mir doch einmal Flash und ActionScript genauer anschauen müßte...

9:00:40 AM | Forum

New Manila features

You can set cookies to expire at end of session by default. Normally Manila's membership cookies are long-term cookies. Each member's browser remembers them every visit to your site. But one might have security reasons for preferring short-term cookies that expire when the browser is quit. When this preference is set -- via the Membership prefs panel -- a Remember Login checkbox appears on the Login page for members who prefer long-term cookies. This feature was inspired by Thomas Creedon's Remember Login feature request.

You can set access privileges for the Stories, Pictures, and Gems pages. A new section near the bottom of the Editorial prefs page allows you to make them public or set them to members only or editors only. The three pages can have separate settings. This feature comes from Ken Dow's Manila wish list. [Frontier News]

8:57:20 AM | Forum

Jennifer Fleming: Designing Web Navigation. »Navigation design is one of the trickiest areas of site development. It's tricky partly because it's so subjective[~]everyone seems to have a different opinion of what works. It's also tricky because it's hugely important from a usability perspective. If your site's navigation isn't doing what it should, you risk losing visitors.« [lucasvda News]

8:50:01 AM | Forum

[Web Color Chart]. The 216 Browser-Safe Web Color Chart. Damit man die Farben auch einmal am Monitor sieht. [lucasvda News]

8:47:26 AM | Forum

Browser-specific style sheets. [lucasvda News]

8:44:54 AM | Forum

Neue Hoffnung für ein kleines, aber feines Betriebssystem? Aktionäre wollen BeOS retten. [heise online news]

8:40:46 AM | Forum

Perl for Website Management Book Cover Neues von O'Reillys Beta Chapters site: Aus dem Buch Perl for Website Management wurde das Kapitel 8 Parsing Web Access Log online gestellt. [www.oreilly.com]

8:37:57 AM | Forum

[Update]: Zope on MacOS X. Detailed instructions for getting Python 2.0 and Zope running on MacOS X. For all of you you are looking for even more ways of geeking out this Saturday. [macosx News]

8:30:12 AM | Forum

Happy 20th Börsday, CCC and Keep on Hacking. [heise online news]

8:22:22 AM | Forum

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